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School of Public Finance and Economics

The School of Public Finance and Economics was founded in 2007 by integrating the School of Finance founded in 1979 and the School of Economics founded in 1997. Among the 56 academic staff members, there are 9 professors (including 1 Principal Professor of Economics), 25 associate professors, and 20 doctors (including doctoral candidates). The structure of the School's faculty basically covers two first-class majors (theoretical economics and applied economics) and all of their second-class majors.

The school has three programs for undergraduates, i.e. fiscal science, western economics and national economics, with 10 master's degree conferring units such as political economics, western economics, history of economy, history of economic thought, national economics, agricultural economic management, development economics, fiscal science, taxation and tax administration. There are 681 undergraduates and 174 graduates studying at the School. A lot of our graduates have become the management and operational backbones of government authorities, enterprises and public institutions, and enjoyed much reputation among the public as well as their employers.

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