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School of Public Management

The School of Public Management was established in 2003, with 4 bachelors and 2 master’s degree programs. A social work laboratory, 1 Yunnan Higher School Teacher Studio and 12 teaching practice bases..

Now the School has 35 teaching staff members, including 6 professors and 9 associate professors taking up 42.86% of the total number of teaching staff, and 12 doctors and doctoral candidate (including 3 post-doctors) and 17 masters taking up 90% of the total number of teaching staff. There is 1 “Excellent Teacher for Yunnan Province Education Reform and Development”, 1 teacher enjoying the special government allowance of Yunnan Province, 1 Yunnan Province Young and Middle-aged Academic and Technical Leader, 2 “Famous Yunnan Higher Education Teachers” and 1 Talent of Kunming Young and Middle-aged Academic and Technical Leader Reserve.

The School has made great achievements in research. In recent 5 years, it has published more than 200 academic papers and 15 monographs, compiled 7 teaching materials, accomplished 35 government-level projects and 27 enterprise-level projects, and acquired 31 different scientific research achievement rewards.

The School has cultivated many talents. It has insisted on cultivating pragmatic talents adapted to the society and advanced with the time, committed to the reform of the personnel training mode, worked hard to improve the quality of cultivated talents for long term. In recent years, the pass rate for college English, the number of students taking part in graduate school exam and the employment rate of undergraduate students have increased obviously, and are among the top of the whole university. There have been 190 students with all kinds of field rank rewards, 21 students with provincial awards, and a team was awarded as "Outstanding Provincial Social Practice Service Team".

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