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Zhonghua Vocational College of YUFE

Zhonghua Vocational College of YUFE, established in June 2011, is located in New City High-tech Industry Base, Kunming (Chenggong campus of Yunnan University of Finance of Economics). The preliminarily planned land use is about 20 hectares. It is equipped with ten undergraduate majors of higher vocational education and 11 specialties in total, such as, Accounting, Financial Management, Exhibition Economy and Management, Tourism Management, Engineering Management, Marketing, English, Chinese Language, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Commerce and the like.

“To make the unemployed employed and the employed work in peace and contentment” is the vocational education concept of the college. Majors are set up according to the needs of society; courses are given according to career demands; skills are practiced based on professional standards; “three-three system” is steadily implemented based on the principles of social evaluation and quality inspection, which includes trimester system, three-stage training system and three-certificate system. We continuously deepen the cooperation between school and enterprise, and progressively carry out the school-running model of “to alternate work and study and to combine study and practice”. Moreover, we vigorously strengthen the construction of “double-qualified” faculty team, and actively build a teaching system which is systematic, with multiple levels, types and functions. We focus on promoting construction of curriculum like vocational guidance, professional skills and comprehensive training, and cultivating students’ professional quality of “Enjoy working with a variety of people, with effectiveness and integrity”. Furthermore, emphasizing on the coordination and harmonization of students’ professional spirit, professional specification and practical ability, we guide and organize students to “learn by doing and do by learning” and “learn in team and learn in competition”. In addition to effectively match the personnel training and social needs, we strive to cultivate applied talents who possess strong practical abilities, high comprehensive quality with great development potential. Determined to build a trustworthy and popular brand of vocational education, and endeavor to become the leader of the reform of development of Chinese higher vocational education, and the cradle of professional elite and entrepreneurs.

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