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Thai Visa

Cost of Visa

Upgrading Tourist Visa with Complete Docs

5,000   Baht

Tourist to be Non Immigrant B with Complete Docs

5,000   Baht

Working Permit with Complete Docs

7,000 Baht

Thai Marriage Visa with Complete Docs

7,000   Baht

Child Thai Support Visa with Complete Docs

7,000   Baht

Retirement Visa with Complete Docs

7,000   Baht

Re-Entry Visa (Single)

1,700   Baht

Re-Entry Visa (Multiple)

4,800   Baht

Transfer Stamp to New Passport 

2,500    Baht

90 Days Report

500      Baht

 Study Thai  Language

Cost of



                                       Learn Thai Language 1 year visa with 200 Lessons

                                          25,000 Baht

Not include 90 Days Report, Extension of visa and Re-Entry Visa, Materials, Student ID are not included.

  Study Thai  Language

Cost of




Learn Thai Language for 30 hours


One on One pay 500 baht

5,000 Baht/group 2 months Course



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